My not-Portfolio Page

Because I should probably get to know you first!

I'm a little different..  Lisa Seter

I know cruising portfolios is fun, but it's important to me that I know something about YOU before I share references.

I do all kinds of work; your project will be unique. I won't be re-hashing someone else's site for you. That's also why my own site is so simplistic.

After our initial consultation session, I'll be happy to provide a list of relevant sites.

What are we going to talk about?

Market Strategy
What's in your future?

Have you considered building a market strategy plan in addition to a website? You can do it! Your website is just one of the tools you need. I know how to focus your brand, create lead funnels, and then put it all together so that you ooze credibility and confidence.

Make 'em DO something!
Beauty isn't enough anymore.

A pretty website by itself is just a website. Most people, and some web pros, don't realize that a website should compel your visitors to do something immediately -like buy a book, join a newletter, attend a seminar, or get so excited about what you have to offer that they pick up the phone!